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Tsuke Ba, Shop 3 / 139-141 Oxford Street, Leederville WA 6007, Phone 9201 0800.

Gyoza … Finally tried Tsuke Ba’s gyoza, after walking past the shop for months and never stopping. Picked up a pack of 4 seafood gyoza (dumplings) to take home and was impressed with the $4.50 price tag. The dumplings contained mashed prawns, water chestnuts and fresh herbs with a distinct garlicky taste and a dipping sauce. They were light and very fresh tasting.

Tsuke Ba Japanese

I’ve read some rumours about the quality of the food at this café but the food I received was good quality, fresh and tasty. I can only write about my experience on the day of my visit. And, my experience was pretty good. Friendly server, good prices and the food tasted fab.

Tsuke Ba Japanese

Tsuke Ba is hidden away at the end of Tip Top Arcade on Oxford Street. The arcade is home to a variety of different eateries, notably Tom’s Cafe,  Market Juicery and Le Bakehouse. For lunch, Tsuke Ba offer a wide variety of sushi, hot meals and gyoza.

Speaking of lunch, their seating area for dining in is pretty cute. With the Counter seating and the red and black theme.

Tsuke Ba Japanese

Must say that their hot food looks delicious. The Teriyaki Chicken Don looked really good.

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