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Tom’s Cafe, 139 Oxford Street, Leederville WA 6007, Phone 9444 8602.

Salads and Raw Desserts … Tom’s Cafe is located in Tip Top Arcade on Oxford Street. Having walked through this arcade on every visit to Leederville I had never stopped to try the food. Today was different.

Tom's Cafe

What stopped me on this particular day were the salads. Such a huge variety were on the display and they all looked so good it was mesmerising. Bean Salad; Chick Pea; Potato and Ham; Beetroot; Egg; Green Bean.

Tom's Cafe

And, then I noticed the raw desserts, again, a very large display. Love that most raw desserts are given traditional names, like caramel slice or coconut slice. When in fact there is no caramel or jam or unhealthy sugary layers. Raw desserts substitute dates, figs, fresh fruit and more. The outcome equals healthy food with no big sugar rush. I like my chocolate, don’t get me wrong, but too much sugar is not great for me.

Tom's Cafe

Unable to resist I purchased a date concoction to take away. It was just my sort of thing, loads of sweet dates mixed in with crunchy seeds and nuts. Will definitely be back to try the salads.

Tom’s Cafe also make a selection of baked foods, like Sausage Rolls, Zucchini Slice, Chicken Patties and the like. They all looked amazing but I had other things on my mind. Datey desserts.

Tom’s Cafe – Fresh Healthy Salads – Raw Desserts – Coffee – House Made Baked Goods

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