Ria Malay Kitchen – Malaysian Restaurant


Ria Malay Kitchen, 106 Oxford Street, Leederville WA 6007, Phone 9328 2998.

Authentic Malaysian Food … Was literally dragged along to Ria Malay Kitchen in Leederville the other day. Mainly because my friend decided I had to try the food. Love that there is a dragon that goes all the way along the roof.

Ria Malay Kitchen

Ria is a large venue with both indoor and outdoor seating. We were really impressed with the outdoor eating area and the funky Asian decor. Seating would suit both couples out for an intimate dinner and large groups.

Ria Malay Kitchen

Really liked that staff paid attention and knew when to come and take our order. That is a little something which is always appreciated, good attention to detail.

Ria Malay Kitchen

Ordered Mustard Seed Chicken and the Kapitan Chicken Curry which arrived quite soon. My favourite was the Chicken Curry with it’s great blend of flavours. Seems I could taste ginger, lemongrass, galangal and definitely coconut. A good blend of flavours.

Ria Malay Kitchen

Noticed that they have quite good lunch specials deal which change daily. And, that means a return visit.

So, the service was very good for our entire stay. Always a pleasure to be treated like an appreciated customer. It’s like a business deal, you pay them good money and in return you expect good food and service. Simple.

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