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Breadtime Story, Location Varies, Phone 0434 265 918.

Rye Bread … Caught up with Breadtime Story at the Victoria Park Farmer’s Market. They had a large selection of bread on display and it was hard to pick just one.

Breadtime Story - Market Stall

Dark Rye with Pumpkin Seeds …

Loads of different sourdough and fruit loaves and they are all pretty sensational looking. Grabbed a dark rye with pumpkin seeds baked inside the loaf. Yum. Great texture and density. With that familiar and strong rye back taste. Excellent.

This is a local artisan business who hand make all their bread from locally sourced ingredients. There are quite a few Artisan bakers in Perth and Breadtime Story hold their own on quality.

History: These artisan bakers started their story in Germany.  Where they were taught how to bake by the owner’s Grandmother. Sourdough breads baked in a Wood Fired Oven. Now living in Fremantle, they have made their healthy sour dough breads available to West Australians.

So, Breadtime Story have been around the Perth Food Market scene for a while now. They have won awards for their bread. They have a large following of faithful clients. I always pick up one of their loaves of bread if I happen to run across them at a Market.

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  1. Jimmy jimbob

    the best bread in perth! served up with smiles and love. no one does it better than this German super star

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