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Cantina 663, 663 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley WA 6053, Phone 9370 4883.

Coffee … Was invited for coffee this morning at Cantina 663 and ordered a cappuccino.

Cantina 663


In what appears to be the trend in Perth at the moment, I received a latte. It was a great looking coffee, with coffee art dutifully applied, but it wasn’t what I ordered. It’s always either a cappuccino or an espresso for me because I don’t enjoy the overly milky taste of a latte. This coffee was strong and delightful, apart from the overpowering milky back taste.

Cantina 663  is buzzing. There are people everywhere and most seem to be having a good time. The place is not very large but it has good atmosphere and a nice decor. It’s the kind of place you would feel comfortable dining on your own. There are lots of nooks and crannies to relax in. The staff are friendly but busy and small details are being forgotten.

We kept receiving cups of coffee on our table that weren’t ours. At one point the waitperson asked both of us if we had ordered it. Perhaps we looked like pranksters who would order coffee and then say we didn’t.

so, I’ve been to Cantina 663 a few times now and have been impressed, a return visit is a must to review the food properly and see what happens next time I order a cappuccino.

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