Metrio and Co Cafe / Coffee Bar – CLOSED MAY 2016


Metrio and Co, 36-38 Angove Street, North Perth WA 6006, Phone 9227 0077.

Revisit … Heard rumours that Metrio and Co had been sold, so decided to make a return visit and see how things were looking. The café looks the same, the food in the display case looks the same, the service was as friendly as ever. So far, so good.

Metrio and Co

We ordered smashed avo and poached eggs. A dish we had had many times before and had fond memories of. The original dish had sensational multigrain bread, the eggs had deep orange yolks and were poached perfectly. The smashed avo itself had specks of Persian feta, lemon infused, and it was bliss. (I’m guessing it was Persian feta, only because the taste was so good.) They would decorate the plate with reduced balsamic. Which added a nice body to the assorted flavours.

Metrio and Co

What was presented this time, after new management, was a dish that looked similar. But on starting to eat there were definitely subtle differences. The bread appeared to be the same. There was no reduced balsamic but rather a watery few drops of ordinary balsamic swimming around the plate. The eggs were okay, they had orangey yolks but one had a runny albumen. And then, the smashed avo. It was disappointing, a little over salted because of the feta, and very rich. I couldn’t finish it. They had scattered pomegranate seeds over the avocado. It was not needed in my opinion.

Metrio and Co

Metrio and Co’s original dish would have scored a 10 out of 10 from me. This dish rated a 7/10.

The salty caramel slice, however, was absolutely fabulous and deserves a 10/10.

Metrio and Co

The cappuccino was also as good as I remember.

Metrio and Co

Metrio and Co has been a favourite destination of mine for food for the last 4 or 5 years. I’m sure I can let them off for one meal that wasn’t doing it for me.

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