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V Burger Bar Floreat Forum, Shop 81/5 Howtree Place, Floreat WA 6014, Phone: 6161 0322.

Refreshingly Different … Decided to try a different burger chain. And, seeing the good reviews we settled on V Burger Bar at Floreat Forum. The place is well decorated, with the decor being very much to my taste. The staff were efficient and very friendly.

V Burger Bar Floreat Forum

The menu offered up some different fare and Xena and I picked a favourite each. I chose the Chicken and Coriander patty. Which came with fresh salad and a traditional remoulade sauce. This proved to be a very good choice.

Served on a brioche bun, the panko crumbed patty was thick, juicy and full of flavour. It also had shredded coriander all the way through the patty. Which gave it a very distinctive taste but in a good way. The remoulade sauce was exceptional, if not terribly healthy, but I couldn’t stop eating it. Everything in moderation, will be my new mantra. A definite new favourite.

V Burger Bar Floreat Forum

The Sauce The Sauce The Sauce

Xena chose the Guacaloumi burger. An inventive name. It was served on a wholemeal bun. And came with avocado, haloumi cheese, loads of mushrooms and salad.

The Guacaloumi was one very large burger. It was also a hard burger to eat, due to its height. Xena didn’t seem to have any trouble though. The combination of the avocado and haloumi was perfect. Needless to say, it was a lot healthier than my burger. And, it looked a treat.

V Burger Bar Floreat Forum

V Burger Bar has a rounded wall of windows. Gazing out the window we could see The Boulevard Hotel, Davvero and Kumagoro al fresco areas.

V Burger Bar Floreat Forum

The café itself has eclectic furniture. There is also a help yourself water and condiments station. Absolutely love it when restaurants do this.

V Burger Bar Floreat Forum

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