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Karibbean Corner, 280 Albany Highway, Victoria Park WA 6100, Phone: 0449 510 908.

Great food … Karibbean Corner have both a Market Stall and a Pop Up Restaurant in Victoria Park. This is the second time they’ve had a Pop Up in Victoria Park.

Karibbean Corner

Market Stall

We first came across Karibbean Corner at the Maylands Hawkers Market.

Purchased a chicken meal. Which contained BBQ’d Chicken, Dirty Rice, Sweet Potato and Cinnamon. And, as a bonus a Caribbean Fruit Juice Cocktail. Pretty sure Ruddy also threw in a Coconut Ice Cream as well. Excellent value for money.

The chicken was great, really tender and juicy. The Dirty Rice and Sweet Potato were pretty amazing. Xena kind of took over the Fruit Juice so I didn’t get to sample that. But tried some of the Coconut Ice cream. Yum.

They also do Bokits. Which are the Caribbean version of a Burger. Except the filling goes inside and then they are deep fried. Kind of like a Calzone. These are exceptional value and amazingly good for fried food. Can’t go past them.

Meanwhile back at the Victoria Park Restaurant. Karibbean Corner are currently offering a Buffet of Entrée and Mains for $39.00 per person. The photos on their website were enough to entice me. Yeah baby.

Great value for money and delish food.

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