Paratha N Pakora – Indian Street Food


Paratha N Pakora, 280 Railway Parade, Cannington WA 6107, Phone: 0469 582 236.

Street Treats … The Inglewood on Beaufort Markets have turned into the place to be on Monday nights. We hadn’t been for a while and Xena and I were overwhelmed by the choices on offer. There were all our usual favourites and some very new Food Vendors to try.

Paratha N Pakora - Indian Street Food

Street Treats

We came across Paratha N Pakora and decided to try their food. We actually hadn’t been intending to but there were a few people standing around the Van. When the owner noticed he started giving out samples of food. This was a very good move because trying one small morsel made me want a whole plate.

Seriously, once tasted you won’t forget those Pakoras. Little morsels of mixed vegetables coated in chickpea batter and deep fried. But not in a greasy way. And the seasonings were pretty memorable. One taste and WOW. Oh, and the Chilli sauce was pretty good too.

Paratha N Pakora - Indian Street Food

Pakora with Chilli Sauce

Paratha N Pakora’s Van is really cute. A gypsy style van with a full stainless steel kitchen. More commercial kitchen envy going on here. It’s a lot smaller than most of the vans and trucks. But they were able to make Curries, Samosas and more. The food all smelt really good as well.

A great new addition to Perth’s Street Food.

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