The Rare Flower – Hungarian Street Food


The Rare Flower, 55 Kempenfeldt Avenue, Sorrento WA 6020, Phone 0449 287 423.

Hungarian Comfort Food … A rare Facebook find had me stumble across The Rare Flower, a new Hungarian Street Food Vendor. They posted that they were serving lunch at a Park in West Perth. We liked the look of the photos of the food. So, off we went to try some.

The Rare Flower - Hungarian Street Food

The Van itself is pretty state of the art, with it’s stainless steel counters and grill etc. Like the design of the artwork and their ethos. “We cook from our Heart. And, we learned from our Mothers.”

The Rare Flower - Hungarian Street Food

Shame about that Ticket Machine

Their menu is small, like all street vendors, but filled with great sounding food. Firstly, Langos, deep fried flat bread. We purchased one with garlic water but more on that later. There’s also an Hungarian Hot Dog. Dodolle, deep fried dumplings. Spicy Potato Wedges and the special of the day, a Paprika Chicken Wrap.

We opted for the Chicken Wrap. A grilled wholemeal flat bread filled with chicken breast in a paprika sauce and crammed full of salad. Finished with a sour cream dressing. Excellent grub.

The Rare Flower - Hungarian Street Food

Xena had to try a Langos and we chose the plain one with just Garlic Water. It came sprinkled with spring onions and paprika. I guess the best way to describe it would be deep fried pizza dough. We just started tearing pieces off, it was so good. At first there was a sweet taste of paprika which was surprising but really enjoyable. Chewy, garlicky comfort food. Bliss.

The Rare Flower - Hungarian Street Food

Lovely little park to sit and have lunch. The Rare Flower had put out seats and there were big shady trees. Oh, an price wise, the food was good value for money. Excellent.

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  1. Fay

    Hi Peter, I tried your Langos at your Inglewood location . I chose the garlic and salt as my topping as that to me is more traditional and how I remember Langos from many years ago. Unfortunately I was disappointed as my Langos was too thick and doughy and I could barely taste the garlic or salt. I love your friendly face and service but next time I am at Inglewood I would like my Langos not so thick more garlic and salt please.

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