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Monte’s Grill, Markets on Rokeby, Rokeby Road, Subiaco WA 6008,

Markets on Rokeby … Really like the Markets on Rokeby but todays jaunt saw half the stalls of last time we visited. Not sure what to make of that. But we were there for the food and set out to see what we could find. And, what a find we found.

Monte's Grill

Just a few steps into the Markets and a charming Italian lad offered us some samples of Bellini. Which we gratefully accepted. Wow. What a taste explosion. The Bellini appeared to be a pancake and the sauce looked like your average Mayonnaise. It was not. The sauce was spicy and creamy and bliss in a bite. We noticed the people around us were liking their samples too. Orders for Bellini’s started piling up.

This was our introduction to Monte’s Grill. A fairly new Italian Market Stall.

Bellini (Italian) are yeasted pancakes, similar to Blinis (Russian) or Blintzes (Yiddish). Usually served with meat or vegetables. The ones Monte’s Grill were making were large. They were serving them with either pulled pork or assorted vegetables. And, that incredible sauce.

Monte's Grill

We decided the Bellini serving was a little large for us. So we opted for the Chicken Skewers. These took a little while to cook because they were so thick but it was worth it.

Our friendly Italian lad kept coming back and offering us Bellini samples. Which was really very kind of him because we were hungry. Such great PR for their stall too.

The Chicken Skewers came with the special sauce. They were so tender and juicy and the spicy mayo sauce really set it off. Seriously first-class chicken, so good.

Monte's Grill

We’ll bring our appetites along next time and try the Bellini from Monte’s Grill properly.

At this poiint in time, Monte’s Grill is not using Social Media. It seems that word of mouth is working just fine for them. We have seen them a few times at the Twilight Hawkers Market in Forrest Place.

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