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Hanami Japanese Restaurant, 685 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley WA 6050, Phone 9371 9855.

To Lunch or Not To Lunch … That was the question we asked ourselves as we headed out to the Beaufort Street Café Strip. Just exactly what did we want to eat! We had too many choices and just couldn’t decide. When we spotted Hanami Japanese Restaurant that settled the problem. Japanese food it was to be.

Hanami Japanese Restaurant

Teriyaki Bento Box

Even though the menu was quite extensive we decided very quickly what we wanted. Xena selected the Teriyaki Fish Bento, a great deal at $12.90 for the lunch special, which included Miso Soup. For me it was the Katsu Chicken Curry with Miso Soup and salad, not a lunch special at $20.00. But still a large meal for the price.

Hanami Japanese Restaurant

Teriyaki Fish Goodness …

I loved the fresh salad, which seemed to have a sweet chilli dressing. It was refreshing and so crisp. The Chicken Katsu was a little salty but melt in the mouth tender. Couldn’t get enough of the vegetable curry, a little heat but lots of flavour. Impressive.

Hanami Japanese Restaurant

Chicken Katsu Curry

After tasting mine, Xena decided that her dish won on the taste front. Her Teriyaki Fish was three pieces of white tender fish in a great sauce. The same salad and Miso but with some Edamame included. It was a large meal and great for the price.

The service was pretty attentive for a week day lunch. And the décor is authentic and cute, with the raised platforms and the wooden floors.

Hanami Japanese Restaurant may not be our number one place to go for Japanaese food in Perth. But it is up there in the top five for freshness of food and atmosphere.

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