Mochachos Chicken Fiesta Morley Mexican


Mochachos Chicken Fiesta Morley, Galleria Shopping Centre, 4 Collier Road, Morley WA 6062, Phone 9276 8820.

Fiesta Revival … Seems Mochachos Chicken Fiesta Morley has had a change of ownership. If you have eaten there, even in the last six months, it is probably time to revisit. I remember having one meal there over a year ago that was utter chaos. The refried beans were not even mashed up, let alone refried. It was a truly dismal meal. Hadn’t been back there since.

Mochachos Chicken Fiesta Morley

Xena and I wanted a Burrito, it was a Public Holiday and Muchachos was open but not much else. We both ordered a refried bean burrito and were pleased with the $17.95 price tag for both.

Mochachos Chicken Fiesta Morley

Must admit the décor is a lot nicer, it is also a lot cleaner. I distinctly remember bags of rubbish piled near the kitchen door last time. It was kind of hokey, amateurish. This time, clean floors and tables, no garbage bags in sight. It seems brighter and the menu looks more appealing.

Mochachos Chicken Fiesta Morley

But back to the food. Xena ordered a refried beans and rice burrito extra hot. She was disappointed with the heat of the sauce, saying it was unnecessarily hot. But really liked the beans, guacamole and cheese.

My burrito had refried beans, no rice and a hot sauce. Plus the guacamole and cheese. It was pleasant enough.

Mochachos Chicken Fiesta Morley

One thing I would suggest, if using beans from a can, it is always better to wash the beans and then refry them. Create a clean start and add your own spices and chilli sauce. Always a winner for me.

Mochachos Chicken Fiesta Morley

But for food I didn’t have to cook and that cost $17.95 for the two large burritos, the flavours were fine.

Mochachos Chicken Fiesta Morley

Nice to see a (relatively) new business doing it well. Hopefully, the rest of Perth will soon discover that things have changed at Mochachos Chicken Fiesta in Morley.

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