T Sisters Fresh Foods – Market Stall


T Sisters Fresh Foods, Location Varies, Perth, Western Australia.

Steamy and Fresh … The T Sisters are actually three sisters who, together with Mama Hawker, create fabulous fresh food in their Market Stall.

T Sisters Fresh Foods

Freshly Steamed Dumplings and Bao Buns

Picked up a plate of vegetable dumplings with Hoisin Sauce at the, now defunct, Mount Hawthorn Hawkers Market. Five large steamed dumplings filled with crunchy shredded vegetables, very fresh. Paired with the Hoisin made this a memorable dish.

When we came across them again last week at the Twilight Hawkers Market in the City they were hawking Bao Buns. Not just any Bao Buns but field Mushroom Baos. We were excited because most of the time they are Pulled Pork or Beef. And, at $6.00 each this was good value for money. Oh, and did I mention they were delicious. The fluffy goodness of the Bao combined with the earthy mushroom taste. Yum.

A new trend with Market Stalls is to offer fresh juice. I love this because of the inventive combinations that are popping up everywhere. T Sisters offer Lychee and Mint and it is a very refreshing way to finish a meal.

T Sisters offer a range of condiments and they make sure to garnish every plate with some fresh herbs. I think Fresh is the operative word for T Sisters, their food is freshly cooked, aromatic and tasty.

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