Cimbalino Espresso – EnEx100 Mall – CLOSED


Cimbalino Espresso, EnEx100, 683-703 Hay Street Mall, Perth WA 6000, Phone 9226 4499.

Bellissimo Cappuccino … Today saw me visiting the EnEx100 Mall in the City again. It was early, I was tired and the need for coffee won me over. There are quite a few coffee shops in this Mall, so who to choose?

Cimbalino Espresso EnEx100 Mall


Cimbalino had the biggest queue, it was just on 8.00am, so the decision was easy. Ordered my usual cappuccino, paid and walked a short distance away to the queue for pickups. Well not really a queue, just a group of people yawning and waiting. Obviously I was amongst my peeps.

The staff were pleasant and efficient, not easy to accomplish at that time of the morning. I soon had my coffee and swept away to find a seat.

Cimbalino Espresso EnEx100 Mall

Palatial Surroundings

It’s a very pleasant place this Mall. Palatial. So I soon found myself sitting and sipping in a fancy seat. After taking about a zillion photos of course.

Cimbalino Espresso EnEx100 Mall

Really quite taken with this Mall

Delightful coffee. It was hot but not too hot. It had froth but not too much froth. It was strong but not too strong. It was fabulous but not too fabulous. Oh, wait, scratch that last one. It was fabulous with a capital FAB.

Cimbalino Espresso EnEx100 Mall

Is this my perfect Cappuccino?

Yes, I have found my place in the Universe and Cimbalino is right there with me.

Thanks for the coffee. All jokes aside, it was just lovely.

Visit the Cimbalino Espresso Website

2 thoughts on “Cimbalino Espresso – EnEx100 Mall – CLOSED

  1. sus-ten-ance

    Sad to say that Cimbalino in the ENEX100 mall has closed. There is a new coffee shop in its place but even though I visited I didn’t catch the name. Next time.

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