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Millioncino Bar Restaurant, 413 Murray Street, Perth WA 6000, Phone 9481 7999.

It’s All Fresh … We were looking for Chik and Kent in the City but it had closed down. In it’s place was Millioncino. Lured by the pavement seating that was packed with people and deciding this was fate, we went inside.

Millioncino Bar Restaurant

Millioncino Bar Restaurant is the sister venue to Millioncino Pizzeria and Café. The two venues are only about a block apart on Murray Street.

Millioncino Bar and Restaurant

The decor is a mixture of sophisticated and rustic and there are various different types of seating. Love the wooden floors. The Bar is prominent, very sleek and quite large. The walls are adorned with Black and White photos of Italian people in various poses. They are charming.

Millioncino Bar and Restaurant

So, on to the food. It was a limited menu for brunch but there were a few things we liked the look of. Unfortunately, not once but twice there were things that weren’t available. This venue hasn’t been open that long, so teething problems were to be expected.

Millioncino Bar and Restaurant

We both ordered the same thing in the end. Bruschetta with Pesto, mashed avo, tomatoes, rocket, balsamic reduction. Xena also ordered a Tropical Mocktail, pineapple juice, coconut water and something else which we couldn’t remember.

Millioncino Bar and Restaurant

When the food arrived we were a little alarmed at the large amount of rocket and tomatoes. We thought they had the order wrong.

Millioncino Bar and Restaurant

Did they get the order wrong? Where’s the Avocado and Pesto?

On investigating we discovered a very thick slice of crusty Italian bread smothered in Pesto. The avocado pieces had been covered with the tomatoes and rocket.

Millioncino Bar and Restaurant

Ah, there it is.

It was a substantial breakfast and neither of us could finish. The egg, pesto and bread were just delightful.

Millioncino Bar and Restaurant

We were tickled that the egg was covered with what looked like black soot. I tasted it and decided it was salt. Did a quick Google and, yes, Himalayan Black Salt. Who knew.

Millioncino Bar and Restaurant

The service was excellent. Staff seated us promptly with water and menus following quickly. They were also very patient when we couldn’t decide what to order. Which is always a good thing.

So, despite a few hiccups we enjoyed our Brunch very much. Next time we’re going to try Millioncino Pizzeria. Because it’s Pizza!

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