Borek Anonymous – Market Stall – Borek & Gozleme


Borek Anonymous, The Mysterious Market Stall.

Anonymity is painless … Trekking the pavement at the Inglewood on Beaufort Markets we came across a new stall. Well, new to us I guess. They had out a display plate of their food, which we soon learned was Borek. They also sold Gozleme.

Borek Anonymous

Borek Closeup

Both are filled pastries originating from Turkey, according to Wikipedia. The kind stall owner offered us a taste of the food and that was that. We bought a plate of the feta and spinach Borek to share.

Borek Anonymous

Food Tasting Plate

You only have to look at the photo to see how appetising this food looks. It was full of buttery goodness and the pastry was so light. Ah, a delicious plate of food for $10.00.

Borek Anonymous

Spinach and Feta Borek

Borek Anonymous is a name I made up. The funny thing about all this is that I now feel a bit like Princess Charming who has lost her Cinderfella. I did not think to ask for the name of the Stall. And, even though I took a load of photos, the stall name remains a mystery. I’ve googled them. Nothing. I’ve left messages on Facebook pages in search of someone who might know them. Nothing. No glass slipper. Nothing.

Borek Anonymous

The Mysterious Market Stall

Ah, Borek Anonymous / Gozleme and Borek Market Stall, this review is for you. Hopefully, someone reading this will forward the information to me.

Yours Sincerely,
A Fan.

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