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Esprezzo Cafe, Noranda Village, Benara Road, Noranda WA 6062, Phone 9275 0300.

Noranda’s Hideaway … Began to notice Esprezzo Café a few weeks ago. They have completely renovated the venue. It’s now something you wouldn’t expect to find in a small Suburban shopping centre. The number of diners was also surprising, the place has been packed both times I’ve walked past.

Esprezzo Cafe

Today I ordered a coffee and a chocolate brownie and took a seat at the bar.

It’s a pleasant casual venue, with newspapers folded on benches and tables. Far too crowded to take a photo. There is a water station with various jugs of water and fruit. Love this trend.

Esprezzo Cafe

There is a coffee station where the serious business of creating the perfect brew occurs. Most noteworthy, they only use fair trade coffee.

Esprezzo Cafe

They offer healthy, sustainable meals. And to be honest I was in awe of their food display cabinet. Very inventive combinations, like smoked salmon in a gluten free pancake sandwich with lemon herb dressing and salad. A little revamp on the usual Blinis. Must return to try this dish, it looked amazing.

Esprezzo Cafe

Anyway, I digress, back to my sustenance. So, the cappuccino was very good. Extra strong and smooth, the froth was just right for me. Enjoyed every mouthful.

It seemed sacrilegious to order a chocolate brownie in this little haven of healthy food. I’ll recover. Also, the brownie was beautifully presented and, yeah, it was decadent. Fab.

Esprezzo Cafe

Wait til Xena hears about their breakfast menu.

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