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Wing Soon Chinese Restaurant, 2 / 69 Lincoln Road, Morley WA 6062, Phone 9375 1688.

Chinese Food 5 … My search for fabulous Chinese Food in Perth continues. This time it was a review offering a dare which caught my attention. The review dared anyone to try Wing Soon’s Satay Chicken Sticks and not like their food. To quote Barney Stinson, “Challenge Accepted”.

Wing Soon Chinese Restaurant

Xena and I headed off to Wing Soon, which is housed in a very nice old building on Lincoln Road in Morley. It’s a place I’ve always been meaning to try but never have, for some reason or other.

Wing Soon Chinese Restaurant

We were pleased with the décor, it was clean and homey. We felt comfortable straight away.

Wing Soon Chinese Restaurant

Must say that the staff are very efficient and friendly. Water and menus were on the table before we could blink.

After a lengthy time studying the menu we ordered. Two lots of Chicken Satay Sticks, of course we had to. A plate of King Prawns in Black Bean Sauce and Steamed Rice.

Wing Soon Chinese Restaurant

The Satay arrived first and Xena claimed the first stick. She just started nodding her head at me, with her mouth full. Yeah, I had to agree, the sauce was really good with a big salty and sweet peanut flavour. The chicken was all breast meat and very tender. This was a memorable dish and it passed the challenge.

Wing Soon Chinese Restaurant

When the King Prawn in Black Bean sauce was put on the table it was great to see that there were loads of vegetables in the mix. Great tasting black bean sauce with really fresh prawns and vegetables.

Wing Soon Chinese Restaurant

This is what I like to think of as old school Chinese Food. Excellent produce, cooked fresh and elegantly presented. Believe me, this type of Chinese Food is hard to find in Perth these days. Especially at these prices. Good value for your money.

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