Hampshire on Eighth – Gourmet Butcher


Hampshire On Eighth, 88 Eighth Avenue, Maylands WA 6051, Phone 9200 1892.

Butcher Extraordinaire … Was really excited when this place opened up a few years ago. There are Butcher shops and then there are Butcher shops. Hampshire on Eighth stands out from the crowd.

Hampshire on Eighth

Technically not a Restaurant I know but thought it was about time this place had a review anyway. Mainly because they are so creative with the way they present their meats. And, the ethos behind the selection of their preferred suppliers.

Hampshire on Eighth

Hampshire on Eighth is a boutique Butchery that places emphasis on quality and knowing where the meat has come from. They stock Angus Beef, Dorper Lamb and pasture fed Pork and Chicken. With great importance placed on the environment in which the animals are raised and transported. They also have a selection of Free Range Duck, Quail, Goat and Rabbit.

Hampshire on Eighth

Hampshire on Eighth have ready made take home meals, like pies and sausage rolls. They also have speciality items of assembled meats, like Saltimbocca, Filet Mignon, Lamb Cutlets, Angus Beef Skewers, etc.

Hampshire on Eighth

On Saturday mornings they host a Mini Farmer’s Market where customers can buy their locally sourced Bread, Sweet Treats and Savoury items. We definitely go along to purchase fresh Bread and to see what else is on offer and usually end up buying a few other things.

Hampshire on Eighth

Our Christmas dinner for 2015 was Chicken Breasts from Hampshire on Eighth. The chicken was seasoned, then marinated in EVOO and herbs. Popped in the oven for 40 minutes, the Chicken sliced like butter and tasted amazing.

Hampshire on Eighth

Christmas Dinner

So, the shop itself is really clean and bright, with large display cases of canned and bottled goods for sale. There are glass windows which allow customers to look into the Kitchen. And, that means they are happy to be watched while they work and have nothing to hide.

They’re doing it well.

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