Sultan Cafe Grill – Coventry Village Market


Sultan Cafe Grill, 243-253 Walter Road, Morley WA 6062, Phone 9275 9158.

Bosnian Delights … Coventry Village Markets in Morley are enjoying a renaissance. Food wise that is. We’ve had to say goodbye to a few cafes. But lately I’ve discovered a few venues that are new to me. Not exactly sure how I could have missed them. So excited to write this review.

Sultan Café and Grill has been in place since 2013. They are located opposite Chemist Warehouse. It’s a small venue but there is table seating outside in the passageway.

Sultan Cafe Grill

It is a clean and tidy shop with an open kitchen. There are a swag of cheerful apron clad Bosnian women working and cooking in the space. Pastry is rolled and filled for Boreks and there are many different shapes to be had.

Sultan Cafe Grill

Big fan of the Borek with Feta and Spinach and for $5.50 this is a good lunch deal.

Sultan Cafe Grill

Turkish Coffee and Turkish Delight

Their speciality is grilled meats and they offer a selection of meat and vegetable plates for around $15.00. These are very large in size and look delicious. Think Lamb, Beef, Chicken with Roast Potatoes and assorted greens and other vegetables.

Sultan Cafe Grill

Sultan Café and Grill also offer a large range of cakes and slices. The display cabinet is brimming with delicious looking treats.

Their hand rolled pastries are created fresh every day, a happy discovery for me.

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