McDonalds Tuart Hill – All Day Breakfast


McDonalds Tuart Hill, Corner Morley Drive and Wanneroo Road, Tuart Hill WA 6060, Phone 9344 4988.

This Monkey’s Gone to Heaven … Discovered a Scottish restaurant recently that has just begun serving all day breakfast. The restaurant is very hip, very street and seems to draw enormous crowds. Not sure why I haven’t come across it before.

McDonalds Tuart Hill

Scottish Graffiti Mural

McDonalds is a fine Scottish name and their offerings for breakfast include pancakes, English bacon and egg muffins and breakfast wraps. There are milk shakes, frappes and various coffees.

Xena and I stuck with water and juice. I ordered a bacon and egg muffin minus the bacon. For Xena it was the pancakes all the way.

With a total bill of $16.00 for both of us this was a satisfying meal for a good price.

The décor, as mentioned, is street meets funky modern, and there are a variety of places to sit. Partitioning allows for private nooks and there is an outdoor area.

Overall, I would rate breakfast an 7/10 with pricing at 10/10. With service at around 5/10.

McDonalds Tuart Hill all day breakfast is a great idea and it seems to be very popular. But where’s the Haggis?

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This review of McDonalds Tuart Hill is in celebration of the third time I’ve reached 300 reviews (it’s a long story). This is a legitimate review with a little added irony and (hopefully) humour.

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