Hermosa Cantina on Cambridge – Tapas Bar


Hermosa Cantina on Cambridge, 353 Cambridge Street, Wembley WA 6014, Phone 9387 6448.

One Way Or Another … In search of a perfect poached egg. Recently learned that Tropico in North Beach has a sister café in Wembley. Hermosa Cantina is most notably a Spanish Café offering small and large plates of food but they also serve Brunch. Being a big fan of Tropico, we sped off to Wembley to test the waters.

Hermosa Cantina on Cambridge

Let me just say that staff were an absolute pleasure to deal with. Especially as I hadn’t had my morning coffee and was feeling a little tetchy.

Hermosa Cantina on Cambridge

Xena opted for Smashed Avo with Hollandaise, poached egg and lime.

Hermosa Cantina on Cambridge

While for me it was the Roasted Mushroom with Pistou (French for Pesto) and poached eggs. The meals were picture perfect and presented so well it seemed a shame to disturb them. But disturb them we did.

Hermosa Cantina on Cambridge

Xena was in awe of the Smashed Avo and on tasting it myself I could see why. Really well flavoured and went with the hollandaise perfectly. Mixed in the with runny poached egg, even better.

My mushrooms were pretty fab and the Pistou was interesting, a little vinegary but in a good way. The bread had been char grilled, always a nice touch. The eggs though were a little underdone. The yolks were just about perfect, such a shame about the whites. Didn’t stop me eating the yolks though.

Hermosa Cantina on Cambridge

Xena ordered a Banana Smoothie which came in a jar, as is the trend. Made up of Caramelised Bananas, Oats, Oat Milk and Cane Sugar, this was a pretty sensational drink.

Hermosa Cantina on Cambridge

Being the sister café to Tropico, Hermosa also stock Will & Co Coffee Beans. Was really happy to order a cappuccino and it was a just about perfect coffee, strong and smooth. Yum.

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