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Sunshine Cafe Lunch Bar, 683A Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley WA 6050, Phone 9370 1165.

Good Things / Small Packages … Unassuming, modest, restrained and petite but packing a big punch food-wise. Sunshine Café and Lunch Bar in Mount Lawley is a place I’ve walked past many times. But recently I’ve been hearing good things about their Banh Mi and knew it was time to step inside.

Sunshine Cafe Lunch Bar

The interior is bright and sunny with its lime green paint and corrugated iron counter. It looks very clean and tidy. The staff are pretty sunny as well, smiles and chats weren’t a problem.

Sunshine Cafe Lunch Bar

It’s a tiny café with limited seating but it was pretty busy. Lots of people slurping steaming bowls of Pho (something to remember for next time). And, there was a queue for food. Not bad for a Wednesday lunch time.

Their neighbours are Monggos Indonesian and Hanami Japanese.

Sunshine Cafe Lunch Bar

After a small discussion with the lady of the house about the type of Pate used in the Banh Mi Go, I ordered one to go. They use Chicken Pate not Pork, less fat and a bigger flavour. Win Win.

Probably already writing to the converted here but a Banh Mi Go is a Chicken Baguette with salads, Pate, fresh chillies and coriander. And, a fair dollop of Kewpie Mayo.

My Banh Mi cost $7.00. It was nearly as long as my arm. Now that’s value for money.

Sunshine Cafe Lunch Bar

So, the baguette was crispy on the outside and soft inside. The salads and Pate were very fresh. There was a lot of chicken which seemed to be roasted. The combination of flavours was pretty amazing. Biting into the middle of the roll is the way to start this foodie experience. Everything in one mouthful and, for me, it was mind blowing. Yum.

A new favourite.

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