ACE Pizza – CLOSED MAY 2016 – Woodfired Pizza


ACE Pizza, 448 Beaufort Street, Highgate WA 6003, Phone 0499 448 000.

Dining in the Dark … Lit by Candlelight, a Woodfired Pizza Oven and a Neon Sign. Throw in a few regular electric lights as well and the result is charming. Ace Pizza is housed in a lovely old stand alone building at the tail end of the Beaufort Street Café Strip.

ACE Pizza

Distant memories of sampling their Pizza at the Beaufort Street Festival a few years ago made us go along to try their food.

ACE Pizza

It had been a bit of a nightmare day for both Xena and I, so drinks were deemed necessary. Xena ordered the cocktail of the day, basically a Mojito with a few extras. It packed a powerful punch, delicious.

ACE Pizza

For me, their house fizz was the go. At $11.00 it was a very pleasant tipple, served in a champagne saucer. Nice touch.

ACE Pizza

We decided to share the Rosso Grantico pizza. San Marzano Tomatoes, Capers, Olives, Anchovies, Garlic and Basil. It came out wood fired and it smelled divine. As their signature dish we expected the pizza to be good but not this good. It was so tasty and full of different flavours, which all seemed to blend together very well. Bliss in every bite.

ACE Pizza

And, it wasn’t until half way through that we noticed there was no cheese. Double bonus, less calories and still a decadent pizza.

ACE Pizza

Gone in sixty seconds …

A word about the venue and the staff. It felt like coming home for dinner after a hard days work. We were greeted and seated and fussed over for a bit. Great service.

ACE Pizza

The venue was probably an old house from the look of it. But now it’s one big space with partitions and a large bar. It’s quite a dark venue but, as mentioned above, light comes from the decorations around the space. And, there are some electric lights. There is also a great outdoor area.

ACE Pizza

Good food, excellent service and a great atmosphere. No wonder the place was packed at 6.30 on a weekday. We decided it was a great “Date Night” place.

Wow. The end of an era … Ace Pizza has closed … and like a Phoenix rising from the ashes … Highgate Drink & Dine has opened in its place.

El Publico Chef Sam Ward is in charge of the kitchen …

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  1. Ace Pizza closed it’s doors in May 2016.

    Rockefeller New York Style Deli has opened in its place. Offering cocktails, Reuben sandwiches, chewy sourdough bread, pickles and much more.

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