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tbsp. – 10 King William Street, Bayswater WA 6053, Phone (08) 9371 9334.

Just For One Day … Tablespoon or “tbsp.” is a small café on the relatively barren Bayswater Café Strip. There are inklings of a massive stampede of chefs heading this way soon. But only inklings. I’ve been waiting for it to happen for at least five years.


The café itself is very corporate but in a good way. No funky distressed walls here. Sombre browns and tans abound. This is kind of a good thing, as everybody else is doing trashy chic.


Was told to sit anywhere and a menu and water soon followed. The menu has some great sounding dishes. The congee stood out for me as it was one of my favourite things to eat for breakfast in Singapore. There are a lot of interesting combinations going on with their food. But just for one day I ignored those and settled with my yen for eggs.

Ordered the Scrambled Eggs with Kale and Persian Feta.


The dish arrived quite quickly. It looked amazing but smelled even better. There were little spots of the feta dotted amongst the kale and eggs. It was delicious. Really good char grilled bread as well. But, again, way too much food for me. I made it about half way through.


Note to self: Ask if they’ll do a half serve next time.

The coffee menu lists where the beans have come from and is small but perfectly formed. The aromas were pretty enticing but decided to try their “meaningful green” tea. So good, worth a revisit just for that.


Noticed the display cabinet of cakes and treats and picked up a Chocolate Chip and Pretzel Cookie for Xena.


Really nice food. A menu that I’ll have to revisit at some stage and friendly staff. It’s all good.

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