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Pepper Lunch Mount Lawley, Beaux Lane, 609 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley WA 6050, Phone 6150 8350.

Beaux Lane Sizzles … Only recently became aware that Beaux Lane existed. Noticed the Health Freak Café had opened a new store there and they used the Lane in their address. There are already four cafes in residence and a fifth venue has “leased” signs in the window. Things are starting to warm up.

Pepper Lunch Mount Lawley

I noticed Pepper Lunch straight away. This is a chain restaurant that offers Authentic Japanese Teppan Dishes.

Pepper Lunch Mount Lawley

Interestingly, while I was waiting for my order to arrive, the chap sitting near me received a bowl of vegetables and raw meat, and a sizzling hot Teppan plate. He proceeded to put everything on the plate, stirred the ingredients around for a while and then sat and read his phone. After about five minutes or so, he ate his fresh cooked meal.

Must admit I was impressed, but having already ordered Teriyaki Chicken will have to wait til next time to become a Master Chef Teppan Sizzler.

The place is squeaky clean and has a few separate eating areas. Really like the stools at the window overlooking the lane. Their menu is extensive and the pricing is great for a quick lunch. They have a filtered water tap with both hot and cold water. The staff are extremely pleasant and efficient.

Pepper Lunch Mount Lawley

My Teriyaki Chicken arrived and had some surprises. A hard boiled egg, carrots and green beans garnished the dish. There was Nori and Sesame Seeds as well. It looked just fab. For $9.90 it was great value.

This idea is unique, they have patented their sizzling teppan plates. You become your own Chef and there are interesting sauces on the table to help you make your dish exclusive. (Next time for me, sigh.)

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