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Secondeli Cafe, 751 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley WA 6050, Phone 6260 9392.

Filling the Gap … The Beaufort Street Café Strip is a little lengthy. Spanning, as it does, from the CBD through to Bedford. And, that means there are gaps where no Cafes, Franchises or even Lunch Bars can be found. Secondeli Cafe has nestled into the Strip where there is a definite gap.

Secondeli Cafe

You’ll find Secondeli in a delightful old building opposite 2nd Ave IGA in Mount Lawley. It has both polished cement and wooden floors and eclectic seating. There are tables and chairs scattered on the pavement and under the large tree outside.

I visited for takeaway a month or so ago and purchased a Chicken, Avocado and Sundried Tomato Panini. The Chicken was pretty special, it was put together like an American Chicken Salad with mayo and herbs. The Panini was decent bread, not crunchy but dense and chewy.


Today I felt like coffee and cake, not something that happens very often. But when the urge hits, I obey. So, giving Secondeli’s cakes the once over, decided that the Lemon, Raspberry and Coconut Cake had my name on it.

Secondeli Cafe

Ordered a cappuccino as well, took a number and went outside to a pavement table. Let me just say that Beaufort Street is a very busy Road. I was sitting on a small pavement with no real separation from the Buses and Cars whizzing by. A seat inside or under the tree next time for me, wimp that I am.

Secondeli Cafe

The staff are great, really friendly and the service was spot on.

Secondeli Cafe

The cappuccino had nice froth and was a pleasant coffee.

But the cake was the star. So moist and lemony and then a huge hit of real Raspberries. Smothered in coconut, me, not the cake, I ate the whole thing. Yum.

Xena wants to try the Burgers, so we’ll be back.

Update September 2016:
Wow, the outside of the Secondeli is looking amazing these days. A proper seating area, vertical garden and new signage on the roof. Kudos.

Secondeli Cafe - Coffee Bar - Brunch

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