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Small Print Bakery Roastery, Brookfield Place, 125 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000, Phone 9314 9000.

Upstairs Downstairs … UPSTAIRS. Love Brookfield Place in the CBD and decided to have a coffee in the Foyer of the BHP Billiton Building. The coffee was stamped with a Small Print logo and that was most noteworthy because that venue is in the Basement downstairs.

Small Print Bakery Roastery

Did not know there were two venues. Not to be deterred I sat in the foyer by a large window sipping my coffee while watching people rushing to and fro outside.

Small Print Bakery Roastery

It was a very pleasant coffee and the space was pretty awesome as well. Almost cavernous really and full of shiny materials Also, there is seating both inside and out in the courtyard. The small serving station had a variety of sweet treats and toasties on offer.

Small Print Bakery Roastery

There was a large queue for coffee, which didn’t diminish much the whole time I was there.

Small Print Bakery Roastery

Nice view of the neighbours

DOWNSTAIRS. Met up with Xena after my meeting and we decided to have breakfast at Small Print in the Basement. Everything was warmer and cosier down in the Basement. The venue had a homey feel and benefitted from the wafts of coffee and toast aromas.

Small Print Bakery Roastery

And, downstairs we go …

Xena ordered the French Toast and for me it was the Four Cheese Toastie. For breakfast at least, we are exact opposites.

The French Toast came with coconut, mascarpone, strawberries and maple syrup. It was really well presented and tasted amazing. Had to have a second taste just to make sure. Xena’s sweet tooth is sometimes too much for me but this meal was spot on.

Small Print Bakery Roastery

My Four Cheese Toastie (Toastface Grillah eat your heart out) was $6.00 and had Manchego and Brie. It seems likely that there was Cheddar as well. The fourth Cheese remains a mystery. Possibly don’t need to know because the sandwich tasted so good. Especially relevant, was Small Print’s excellent sourdough bread, with a smear of Dijon and the cheeses being drippy and melty. Excellent.

Small Print Bakery Roastery

Oh, and spinach, forgot the spinach

Enjoyed both Small Print experiences. Although on a cold Winter’s day the Basement space was warmer.

Small Print Bakery Roastery

Got to return to try their Cakes.

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