Delisio Pizza Romana – ENEX100 Mall


Delisio Pizza Romana, ENEX100, 683-703 Hay Street Mall, Perth WA 6000, Phone 9485 0055.

Save Me From Myself … Looking for Lunch in the CBD. Wandering around ENEX100 and nothing appealed. Noticed a really long line of people and, out of curiosity, joined the queue. Welcome to lunch time’s hidden haunt. Pizza by the Slice and some authentic home cooked Pasta at Delisio Pizza Romana.

Delisio Pizza Romana - ENEX100 Mall

I’ll need saving now that I know this place is there, as I feel the need to take up permanent residence. $14.00 for a big plate of some of the best gnocchi I’ve had. The texture was perfect, soft and pillowy and it was smothered in a fabulous tomatoey Napoletana Sauce.

Delisio Pizza Romana - ENEX100 Mall

mmmm Gnocchi …

Most people were queuing for the pizza, so I had plenty of time to contemplate what to eat. There were columns of pizza slices with a big assortment of toppings. As people selected they were putting slices into the enormous Pizza oven behind the counter to warm up.

Delisio Pizza Romana - ENEX100 Mall

I’ve seen loads of Pizza by the Slice places around Perth but none as professionally done as Delisio. I liked that the feel of the place was very Italian and it felt like a restaurant rather than a Food Court Stand. It was also a great place to eat on your own.

Delisio Pizza Romana - ENEX100 Mall

The staff were great fun and seemed to be all Italian. They were also really busy but still had time for a smile.

Delisio Pizza Romana - ENEX100 Mall

Delisio has a Restaurant in Subiaco, the prices are a little higher than lunch in the CBD but if the food is the same quality then I’m in.

Delisio Pizza Romana - ENEX100 Mall

But for now I’m going to have to talk myself out of jumping the train to the City to try more of that Gnocchi.

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