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Pixel Coffee Brewers, 2 / 226 Oxford Street, Leederville WA 6007.

Stupidly Happy … Something good happens when a café doesn’t have signage and goes by word of mouth. Pixel Coffee Brewers sits on Oxford Street opposite The Re Store. It really is one of the smallest cafes I’ve come across. But it’s producing big things.

Pixel Coffee Brewers

The first of which is their amazing coffee. The machine alone is awe inspiring, it’s a thing to behold and enormous. But the Barista seemed able to tame it and was producing some very special coffee. Special enough to bring an idiot grin to my face and keep it there for a while. Practically perfect cappuccino with a smooth finish and hefty coffee flavour.

Pixel Coffee Brewers

The second big thing was a Chocolate Brownie, see idiot grin above. There was so much going on on the plate that I was awed by the flavours. There were raspberries, a lemony cheesy dollop of something fabulous, honey (pretty sure), nuts, bee pollen, crunchy bits of dark chocolate and more. It was bliss.

Pixel Coffee Brewers

The final thing going on was the fact that I missed their “Nourish Bowls” when I ordered. Don’t regret the Chocolate Brownie by any means but I do regret being too full to try one of their Bowls.

Pixel Coffee Brewers

Just texted Xena a photo of the menu and we will definitely be fronting up very soon to participate in the goodness of one of their Nourish Bowls.

Pixel Coffee Brewers

Limited seating, so be prepared to queue. The décor is mainly white with delicate pastel shades. The staff are more than friendly. The locals don’t seem to mind sharing tables. There’s a nice feel to the place. Oh, and that lack of signage? Not needed.

Revisit 1st June 2016:


Had to return to try the Nourish Bowls and was glad I did. The Chicken Nourish Bowl was the one for me. Poached Chicken perfectly cooked and seasoned. Slivered Almonds and assorted Seeds. Seeded Avocado with EVOO. Assorted Greens like spinach, cauliflower and more. Fennel in a fab dressing. Likewise Cucumber ribbons in dressing. A perfectly poached egg.


It was awesome.

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