Curry Thieves – Indian Restaurant – Lunch Special


Curry Thieves, 47A / 366 Grand Promenade, Dianella Plaza WA 6059, Phone 9275 4622.

Thieves Like Us … It was a Video Store. Then it was going to be an Italian Restaurant for a long time but that never happened. Then overnight, it was turned into a tribute to the Dianella Community. And, that’s only in the last five or so years. The space is now home to Curry Thieves, Dianella’s first Indian Restaurant and Take Away. And it snuck up on us.

Curry Thieves Indian Restaurant

We didn’t even notice the change on our first walk past. It wasn’t until we headed back to the car that we saw the Curry Thieves sign. They had menus out the front so we took one home. Xena became kind of obsessed about trying their food, so we went back the next day.

Curry Thieves Indian Restaurant

The Restaurant is small, there are tables and stools and it’s nicely decorated. Particularly like the Indian Mural and the Quote about Foodies. Oh, and best of all, they have a Tandoor Clay Oven.

Curry Thieves Indian Restaurant

There’s even a fabulous looking coffee machine tucked into one corner. Quite a large counter and a doorway where you can sneak a peak into the Kitchen occasionally.

Curry Thieves Indian Restaurant

We decided to get the food to go because of the weather being so cold and wet. Xena ordered a Vindaloo Chicken Curry, Rice and Garlic Naan. We missed the fact that we could have asked for vegetables to be included in the curry. Next time.

The food smelled fabulous, the garlic was prevalent but so were the curry aromas. We soon had platefuls of food and started to eat.

Curry Thieves Indian Restaurant

The texture of the chicken was great. Obviously cooked in the Tandoor oven as it was melt in your mouth tender. The pieces were all breast meat and very large. Elegant food.

Curry Thieves Indian Restaurant

Great addition to Dianella. Can’t wait to try their Dahl and Malai Kofta. Oh, and the coffee.

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