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Side Door BBQ, 497 Beaufort Street, Highgate WA 6003, Phone 6162 3610.

We’re All In This Together … Woke up this morning determined that Friday was BBQ day for me. Decided to try Side Door BBQ, which has been open since February. Little bit of a shaky start and then I was shown to a table.

Side Door BBQ

Would suggest that the space used to be a warehouse because it has enormously high ceilings with tell tale steel struts holding up the roof. The effect is pretty fab really, as is the open kitchen and bar. A little bit different, which is a good thing.

Side Door BBQ

But I digress, came for the food, so let’s talk about that.

Side Door BBQ

Firstly, was presented with a complimentary basket of caramel and bacon popcorn. It tasted like salted caramel to me. A nice gesture of introduction.

Side Door BBQ

Every table had a condiment station, complete with a roll of paper towels. Three house made sauces, two Barbecue and a Tomato. Another nice gesture.

Side Door BBQ

Ordered a BBQ Chicken Sandwich which came with Fennel slaw, pickled onion and cucumber. And, house made potato chips. The garnishes were great, really tasty. The Sandwich came in a Brioche bun with loads of pulled chicken. Unfortunately, they had added a load of sauce to the bottom of the bun and it was very soggy.


Despite being happy with the taste of the food there wasn’t a lot of love put into the assembly of the sandwich. The soggy bun was a bit of a turn off.

Ah, at least I had a glass of fizz to chill on. Prosecco pretty sure.

Side Door BBQ - BBQ Restaurant - Bar

This was my second attempt to have a chicken sandwich at Side Door BBQ. The first time there was no chicken available. This visit I was thwarted by having the completely empty restaurant fully booked. Well there was one table of five but that was it.

Completely understand that I should have booked. But my table was near the kitchen and in the direct path of the cold wind from the open door. Not the best dining experience I’ve had. Left the place as I found it, with one table of five.

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