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Red Chilli Burger Bar, Unit 4 / 7 Scarborough Beach Road, North Perth WA 6006, Phone 9444 7754.

Black Bean Burger … Been waiting for a long time to find a Burger Bar that sells BBB’s. Red Chilli Burger Bar has been around since 2014 and how did I not know that !! The venue is located near The Classroom Bar and opposite McDonalds (that fine Scottish Restaurant) in North Perth.

Red Chilli Burger Bar

Just by chance I read a review praising this little independent Burger Bar and decided to go have lunch. Red Chilli Burger Bar is pretty small but there are quite a few tables inside, even some on the pavement outside. The Commercial Kitchen is awesome and it’s open so you can see the Chefs making the food.

Red Chilli Burger Bar

Ordered my Black Bean Burger and took a seat by the window. It was pretty quick to arrive and it was huge. Cut it in half and ploughed my way through some really fresh Lettuce, Tomato and Onions smothered in Mayo. Had to get a doggy bag for the other half of the burger, too big for me. Dinner.

Red Chilli Burger Bar

Like the fact that they pay attention to detail. The ingredients are quality, including the Bread. The Black Bean patty appeared to be house made. The texture of the patty was really good, smashed and whole beans gave it some chew.

Red Chilli Burger Bar

Also like that they have specials which vary depending on the fresh produce they’ve come across.

My only small gripe was a little too much mayo for me. Could have gone with some chilli sauce as well. But it was a great burger nonetheless.

Xena stole half of the half that I took home. She was a big fan of the BBB.

Almost forgot, thanks for the sample of your chips. They are fabulous.

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