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LayUp, 197 – 199 Brisbane Street, Northbridge WA 6003, Phone 0481 064 166.

Buzz Buzz Buzz … Started picking up a buzz about LayUp Café this week. It was mentioned here and there and then a friend said, go eat a Karaage Chicken Burger. Who am I to say no to that.

LayUp - Bakery - Cafe - Coffee Bar

The Café sits opposite the Northbridge Hotel and right next to Phi-Yen Vietnamese. Formerly the Dizzy Witch, LayUp has had a complete redecoration. It is sophisticated and modern. Also, it’s very comfortable. There is a large glass front window with two tiny alcoves fronting onto Brisbane Street.

LayUp - Bakery - Cafe - Coffee Bar

The space is split into two rooms. Love the distressed cement floors, all the wood and the small vertical garden.

LayUp - Bakery - Cafe - Coffee Bar

They have the best looking Food Cabinet, well I guess I mean the food in the actual cabinet. Noticed some very large Butter Chicken Pies, one of which would be accompanying me home.

LayUp - Bakery - Cafe - Coffee Bar

Interesting Condiments

But on to the Chicken Karaage Burger that had my name on it. The Brioche Bun was filled with not one but two chicken breast fillets. A whole bunch of slaw and some pretty great dressing. It came with a choice of chips, salad or onion rings. Chose the onion rings because, onion rings.

LayUp - Bakery - Cafe - Coffee Bar

This dish was a pile of yum. Would suggest that my next few meals will be very healthy. But as I’ve already nipped out this morning and sampled some more Karaage. I think that’s unlikely.

LayUp - Bakery - Cafe - Coffee Bar

My waitperson, Brendan, turned out to be Brendan Ryan, the owner of the Café. He has done his time in various hospitality roles over the years and is now looking forward to running his own show.

LayUp - Bakery - Cafe - Coffee Bar

All I can say is that the stepping stones are all in place. Layup Café bake everything in house, including the Bread. The menu is eclectic and not just your standard Brunch items, although some of those are present as well. The coffee is amazing, seriously amazing.

And, that Chicken Butter Pie? Outstanding, the pastry so buttery and light.

Attention to detail, it makes a huge difference.

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