10 Fab Fried Chicken Meals 2016 – Karaage – Korean


10 Fab Fried Chicken Meals 2016

So, Fried Chicken, usually delegated to the realm of KFC. It’s time the tale were told that it is hugely fashionable in Perth. So hot right now. Here are our 10 Fab Fried Chicken Meals 2016, so far. Just our opinion mind and in no particular order.

10 Fab Fried Chicken Meals 2016

Blacksmith Perth

1. Chimek Chicken Beer Bar, Northbridge

A U.S. blogger friend of mine suggested I try Gochujang Korean Fried Chicken. Crunchy chicken breast strips in a hot, spicy sauce. Chimek offer good value for money. review

2. Clarences, Mount Lawley

Try the Ramen Fried Chicken Burger, with Apple Miso Slaw and House Made BBQ sauce. I have to stop myself from dropping in there every week. review

3. Layup Bakery, Cafe, Northbridge

Layup offer a Brioche Karaage Chicken Burger with a side of Fries or Onion Rings and super crunchy Slaw. Yum. review

4. Blacksmith Perth, Cafe, Bakery, Highgate

New kid on the Block, Blacksmith Perth offer up Karaage Chicken Bao times three. Super Slaw and fab dressing. review

5. Lucky Chan’s, Northbridge

The original Karaage Chicken Bao with not one but two sauces. Sriracha Mayo and, I presume, Hoisin. Melt in the mouth chicken and, some nice greens on the pillowy Bao.  review

6. Dainty Dowager, Mount Lawley

A new slant on Fried Chicken. A fusion dish of Karaage Chicken Pops (Popcorn Chicken) with a sweet Sambal Sauce. So well seasoned, yum. review

7. Hangout On 20 Preston, Como

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sliders on Brioche, slaw and chips. The slaw and chicken were both awesome. The chips were enormous, biggest we’ve seen. review

8. Old Laundry Bar, North Perth

No Burgers here. But, try the main course of Japanese Fried Chicken with Fennel, Daikon, Pickled Ginger, Wasabi Mayo and Black Sesame Seeds. Wowsa. review

9. Rockpool Bar & Grill, Crown Perth

Fried Chicken Breast Brioche Burger with Gruyere, Slaw and Spicy Mayo. Possibly the best tasting Fried Chicken in Perth, maybe, perhaps, so hard to decide. review

10. NeNe Chicken, Victoria Park

A Korean Fried Chicken Chain Restaurant offering up some pretty good value for money. Try the NeNe Dosirak, 2 pieces of fried chicken with black bean rice and salad. Good Stuff. review

10 Fab Fried Chicken Meals 2016 Gallery

10 Fab Fried Chicken Meals 2016

2 thoughts on “10 Fab Fried Chicken Meals 2016 – Karaage – Korean

  1. Damien

    Hey stumbled upon your blog, initially due to the Monday Night Markets review – thanks for the big props and kind comments (I’m Secretary of the community group that run it) – and then saw your 10 Fried Chicken list. Now, while I’ve been to half a dozen of these places and had the chicken at a couple…if you haven’t tried tbsp.’s (King William Street in Baysie) Fried Chicken Sandwich give it a whirl as I think its got “contender” written all over it! Cheers and thanks for your awesome body of work, Damien

  2. sus-ten-ance

    Thanks for the kind words Damien.

    Always on the lookout for Fried Chicken haha. Will revisit Tbsp. and try this sandwich. Big fan of gochujang.

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