Good Food and Wine Show 2016


Good Food and Wine Show 2016, 8th – 10th July 2016, Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, 21 Mounts Bay Road, Perth WA 6000, 

Renaming This Event … I’ve decided it should be called the Good Wine and Wine Show with a taste of Food.

Good Food and Wine Show 2016

Nice Family and a pleasant Cuvee

Not being harsh there, these are just my thoughts. This Event has lots of samples of cheese and other small nibbles but they are small tastes. And that’s where the Food Trucks and Market Stalls come in. I get that purchasing a meal is a thing, it’s what Taste of Perth is all about. It’s just that at Taste of Perth the meals came from famous 5 Star Restaurants.

And, without getting myself further into the mire, the Street Food Vendors that attended this event are all famous too. Soul Provider, Shak Shuka, Greek Street Grill, Gary’s Burgers etc. Just not a lot to choose from, that was my only gripe.

On entering the Good Food and Wine Show the first thing I saw was Maggie Beer’s stall. For a gold coin donation I received a ladle full of Minestrone Soup and access to the Bread Basket on the Table. This was a good deal. I expected to see more of that kind of thing. But, nope, it was all cheesy nibbles and bits and pieces.

Walked round the aisles and noticed there were wines from the Barossa, Margaret River, McLaren Vale and a few others. Something kind of clicked and I went to the Information Desk and purchased a tasting glass. This was when I started to enjoy the Event.

The wineries were very generous with their tastings. A small taste of each wine allowed me to sample some delicious and exciting wines from all over the Country.

I’d say in total I drank about one full glass of wine and enjoyed it all. There was a stand out Cuvee Sparkling that I liked very much. On chatting with the Lady owner she offered me a great deal on two bottles and I walked away happy with my purchase.

I noticed that people around me had Good Food and Wine Show Buggies. These appeared to be full of wine bottles.

So, the message became clear, people came for the wine tasting, to purchase a few bottles and eat some Street Food. There was a fair bit of cheese being purchased as well.

Can’t knock that really.

Special shout out to Hugo Wines, Murray River Salt, The Smelly Cheese Club, Jomeis Fine Foods (JFF), Café Royal, Maestre Family Food, GrandVewe Cheeses, Tuckers Natural Cheese Alley, Innocent Bystander Wines. Thanks for all the cheese, wine and reduced balsamic tastes. And, Maggie Beer for the Soup!!

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