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RoyAl’s Chicken And Burgers, 8 / 885 Albany Highway, East Victoria Park WA 6101, Phone 9355 0901.

It’s Time the Kale Were Told … Sorry, I should try another Smiths lyric. But for me, the visit to RoyAl’s Chicken & Burgers was all about the Super Food Burger and baby Kale. Of course I tried the Fried Chicken as well, how could you not.


Quinoa and Baby Kale, Super Food Burger

Stepped into this teeny tiny café on the Vic Park Strip and found the place packed.

RoyAl's Chicken And Burgers

Ordered and managed to find a seat. Also found the water station.

RoyAl's Chicken And Burgers

After everyone had gone, obviously.

The Super Food Burger really sounded appealing but I was there to try the Fried Chicken. So, the Popcorn Chicken Po’Boy contained little balls of Crunchy Fried Chicken, Creole Remoulade, Iceburg Lettuce and Red Onions. It was what it was, fried chicken in a baguette. Liked the chicken a lot even though it was a little sinful, who am I kidding, a lot sinful.

RoyAl's Chicken And Burgers

The Poor Boy Sandwich originated in New Orleans, Circa 1929, now it’s often referred to as a Po’Boy.

RoyAl's Chicken And Burgers

But back to RoyAl’s Chicken & Burgers. The décor is eclectic, they’ve done creative things with copper piping. And, there is a really bright mural on one wall. Everything kind of clashes but it worked for me. Liked the mix of small and tall tables as well.

RoyAl's Chicken And Burgers

Decided to take a Super Food Burger home for Xena. It sounded just too good not to try.

RoyAl's Chicken And Burgers

This was my sort of burger, pinto beans, quinoa, baby kale, cheddar, tomato, mayo, mustard, dill pickle and onion. Managed to snag a quarter before Xena demolished the lot. So good.

Really liked the Mustard, we decided it had to be American Mustard as it was bright yellow like the English version but no where near as hot.

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