10 Fab Freebie Nibbles Perth – A New Trend?


10 Fab Freebie Nibbles

Don’t you just love it when Bars and Restaurants surprise you with a complimentary small plate of something. This trend has resurfaced and it is getting more and more common. Here are 10 of our favourite freebies so far. Just our opinion mind and in no particular order.

10 Fab Freebie Nibbles

Meatball Bar Spiced Mixed Nuts

1. Meatball Bar, Mount Lawley

Ordered a drink from the Bar and we were given a small plate of spiced mixed nuts. Thoughtful. review

2. Dainty Dowager, Mount Lawley

Probably the most intriguing Freebie. A small plate of Lotus Root Chips. Crunchy and fab. review

3. Side Door BBQ, Highgate

We were given quite a large basket of Caramel Bacon Popcorn. A good combination and helped to ward off the hunger pains. review

4. Low Key Chow House, Leederville

This Freebie plate really appealed to us. Peanuts and Candied Anchovies. Yum. review

5. Sultan Cafe and Grill, Morley

Bosnian delights and Turkish Coffee from this tiny Cafe. The Coffee comes with a Freebie house made Turkish Delight. review

6. Nash & Co, Maylands

Ordered a Cappuccino and it came with a Freebie slice of toasted Cronut with cinnamon and sugar. Yum. review

7. Foam Cafe, Leederville

My coffee came with two tiny teddy biscuits. A welcome Freebie treat. review

8. The Prophet Cafe, Victoria Park

A Freebie plate of Flat Bread and Labne. There were four of us and the serving was for four. Generous. review

9. Royal India, West Perth

A Freebie basket of freshly made Papadums with two tiny Dips, Mint Chutney and Tamarind. Freebie Heaven. review

10. Chapas Kitchen Bar, Mount Lawley

Freebie small plate of Cucumber Salad with Chilli and Garlic. Crunchy and full of flavour. review

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