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Noodle Forum Market Stall, Inglewood on Beaufort Night Markets, Monday Nights 6.00 til 9.30pm August til March.

Roving Noodles … Was very happy to see Noodle Forum in their new Market Stall at the Inglewood on Beaufort Night Markets. Noodle Forum has been on my favourite list for quite a while. It’s the hand made noodles that win me over, every time. Oh, and, Chef Wong’s luscious Laksa.

Noodle Forum Market Stall

Noodle Forum have three bricks and mortar cafes around Perth. Two in the City and one at Carousel Shopping Centre. They are all busy but service is sunny and the food is fab.

Noodle Forum Market Stall

So, for Xena and I, Noodle Forum was our go to place Monday Night. We were a little early for noodles, sad but true, so we ordered a Crispy Chicken and Pickles.

Noodle Forum Market Stall

This dish tasted amazing, crunchy, crispy and tender chicken, surrounded by yummy pickled radish. Add chilli mayo, fresh herbs and the $8.50 price tag and it’s win win. It was a small serve but perfect for us, because tasting a lot of different things is gold at a Market.

Noodle Forum Market Stall

When we arrived, the stall was quiet but that changed over the half hour we sat eating and talking. The crew handled the crowds really well, with noodle dishes appearing all around us at the table we’d snared.

Note: October 2016
Tried Noodle Forum’s Satay Chicken Noodles for $9.00. A really yummy Peanut Sauce and those Hand Made Noodles were perfect as always.

Noodle Forum Market Stall

Read the Noodle Forum story on their website.

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