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Rise and Grind Espresso Bar, 255A Scarborough Beach Road, Doubleview WA 6018, Phone 0422 353 133.

I Know It’s Over … La Farmacia closed a while ago now. In it’s place is Rise and Grind Espresso Bar with quite a nice face lift and some interesting food and coffee.

Rise And Grind Espresso Bar

Crunchy Caramel Slice

It was hard to confirm the closure of the old café. So, decided to drive there and see for myself. Gone are the Gingerbread House vibrant colours and in their place some subtle greys with a splash of pastel here and there. Alas, the Gingerbread itself is no where to be found. They used to have tiny gingerbread men gratis with their coffee and gingerbread houses dotted around the café.

Rise And Grind Espresso Bar

They’ve also cleared out the space, it was really cramped with high benches and stools. Now, there is banquette bench seating, small tables and one high table with stools. Much more comfortable looking. Nice Décor.

Didn’t order off the menu because a few of the items in the Food Display caught my attention. In particular the Roasted Vegetable Tart / Quiche.

Rise And Grind Espresso Bar

House Made Relish

Ordered a Cappuccino and the Tart. Both were pretty impressive looking. Loved the Roast pumpkin, onion, fresh herbs, Spinach and the flaky pastry.

The coffee was nice and strong with a good Crema.

The place definitely has a good vibe and it was pleasant sitting and eating there. They’ve also opened up the back door, so I paused to take in, with envy, their commercial kitchen. Must stop doing that.

Rise And Grind Espresso Bar

Chicken and Vegetable Pie

Oh, took home a Chicken Pie and Caramel Slices, because, Xena. Excellent grub.

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