Panini 854 – CLOSED 2017


Panini 854, Italian Kitchen, 854 Beaufort Street, Inglewood WA 6052, Phone 0419 047 412.

Simple Italian Fare … New lunch spot on Beaufort. Panini 854 make their Panini in house. They have baskets full of this chewy bread on display behind the counter. And, the menu on the wall lists a fair few varieties of fillings they will put together.

Panini 854 - Italian Kitchen

It’s a tiny café but there are two tables and stools at the bar. They have a spanking new Espresso Machine and a slew of fab looking cakes in the display case.

Panini 854 - Italian Kitchen

The breakfast Panini had my name on it, Swiss Cheese, Prosciutto and an Egg. Minus the Prosciutto for me though.

Panini 854 - Italian Kitchen

Was really happy that when the Panini was cut in half the yolk was runny. How do they do that? The Swiss Cheese was all drippy and combined with the Egg very well. Great sandwich. Plain and simple but delicious.

Panini 854 - Italian Kitchen

My cappuccino was excellent, really strong with a nice crema mixed in with the froth. There was a small piece of thick biscotti like biscuit that came with the Coffee. Not crunchy but soft and really, really nice.

Panini 854 - Italian Kitchen

Would be tempted to stop in here for a Panini and Coffee often. As I drive past quite a lot.

Panini 854 - Italian Kitchen

They’re doing both Toasted and plain Panini Continental Rolls. Prices vary from $8.50 through to $10.00. There will also be other Italian food on offer.

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