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What The Flip! Mobile Creperie, Location Varies, Phone 0407 021 485.

Flipping Awesome … We were at the Crimea Canteen and Xena disappeared for a while. She came back with a Crepe in a familiar signature Blue cone. Her secret mission had been to purchase a What The Flip! Crepe. A great idea as we often visit Crimea Canteen and hardly ever have room for dessert.

What The Flip! - Mobile Creperie

What The Flip! make an amazing looking Crepe. Firstly, they are large and secondly they are filled with imaginative combinations of ingredients. Both savoury and sweet crepes are on offer.

What The Flip! - Mobile Creperie

Crimea Canteen

Xena’s Crepe was a Nutty Professor with extra Strawberries. So many things were going on it was crazy. Strawberries, Nuts, Nutella and Vanilla Wafers all mixed together and working so well. There could have been cream but Xena vetoed. The wafers were a good addition for the extra crunch. Yum.

What The Flip! - Mobile Creperie

What The Flip! Has been around since almost the beginning of the Street Food explosion in Perth. We came across them at one of the Food Truck Rumbles, possibly the second. As Street Vendors go these guys were refreshing and a little bit different.

What The Flip! - Mobile Creperie

What The Flip! Have a great old van and the art work is adorable. Also really like their Cones because it made the Crepe very easy to eat. Imagine standing up and eating a crepe at a market, it’s kind of horrifying to imagine. No need, because the cone holds the crepe and your teeth do the rest. Awesome idea.

What The Flip - Mobile Creperie

At the Inglewood on Beaufort Night Markets

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