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Canteen Trigg, 364 West Coast Drive, Trigg, Phone 9447 0077.

School’s Out Completely … Canteen Trigg is the younger sibling of Kailis Trigg. Open since September 2nd Canteen Trigg is a replica of a School Canteen. Well, if your School Canteen had access to some pretty amazing Seafood. The good news is the pricing. Trust me.

Canteen Trigg

Xena and I headed out to Trigg Island on a freezing cold Sunday and settled in to examine the Menu. The choice was easy and I joined the queue to order.

For Xena it was an Hawaiian Fish Salad, called Poke (Po-Kay), which was really stunning. Red Fish, Ponzu, Wasabi Mayo, Furikake Seasoning, Seaweed Salad and Brown Rice. Xena actually stopped talking and just started eating. Conversation resumed after the meal was finished. $15.00.

Also in need of something healthy my choice was the Chickpea Falafel Burger with Roasted Red Peppers and Mint Yoghurt Dressing. The Burger came in a Brioche Bun and I was a little disappointed the bun hadn’t been Grilled. The Chickpea Falafel patty was bliss combined with the Dressing. $12.00.

Situated right on the Beach and with amazing views, Canteen was buzzing with people. There were retractable doors and windows and I can imagine in summer they will be pulled right back. But for this Sunday we were happy to be shut inside out of the cold winds.

We ordered a Coffee, a Smoothie and two Caramel Slices. Just because.The coffee was really good, possibly because of the gigantic twin espresso machines behind the counter. The smoothie and slices were given the thumbs up by Xena. Total cost $15.00.

Canteen Trigg

So, the funny thing was that I had been determined not to order fish and chips. But when said dish started appearing on tables around us I regretted it. $11.50. (Who doesn’t order Seafood at a Seafood Café? Yeesh).

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