The Partisan – River Views – Brunch


The Partisan, 22 / 60 Royal Street, East Perth, Phone 9221 7404.

Should we be singing La Marseillaise? … The Partisan sits right next to Toast in East Perth. The interesting thing is that even though they are neighbours the view of the river is very different.

The Partisan - River Views - Brunch

The tiered deck sits right on the water and is full of vibrant colours. With multi coloured chairs and cushions and even party lights for a bit of night time atmosphere.

The Partisan - River Views - Brunch

Indoors it’s the complete opposite with its sober browns and tans and wooden furniture.

The Partisan - River Views - Brunch

But back to the food. It’s a very diverse Menu and one that will require a few visits to eat all the things that took my fancy. There is also a fairly diverse wine list and my choice was the San Martino Prosecco, a nice dry fizz. Excellent.

The Partisan - River Views - Brunch

Opted for the Partisan Brunch Gnocchi with sage roasted pumpkin, goats cheese and pesto ciabatta. This dish was nothing like I imagined it would be. There was no sauce and the three mentioned ingredients had been put together and baked in the oven.

The Partisan - River Views - Brunch

The dish was presented on its oven skillet with the ciabatta resting on the side. It looked pretty good but I was kind of missing the sauce. But not for long. I put together a forkful and it tasted delightful. Different but definitely worth having again.

The Partisan - River Views - Brunch

One tiny thing was that the Gnocchi near the edges were a little tough because of the oven baking. However, it was a large plate of food so that wasn’t really an issue.

So, in case you were wondering, the ciabatta was amazing.

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