The Little Banksia – Coffee – Brunch – Desserts


The Little Banksia, 78 Banksia Terrace, South Perth, Phone 6468 6514.

Just a Suburban Girl … The Little Banksia sits slap bang in the centre of Suburban South Perth. It looked so cute and cuddly that I just had to visit.

The Little Banksia - Coffee - Brunch - Desserts

The venue is deceptively large because it’s an old house and they have kept all the dividing walls in place, just taken out the doors. The wooden floors are amazing and I’d suggest original floorboards all polished to the nines.

The Little Banksia - Coffee - Brunch - Desserts

So, the food. The Kale and Charred Corn Fritters were my option of the day. They came with Haloumi, artistically drizzled dill sour cream and a poached egg. The presentation was dazzling. Oh, it’s supposed to come with Smoked Salmon but I wasn’t in the mood for fish.

The Fritters were a vibrant green due to the kale and they were seasoned very well. The charred corn was crunchy and juicy. Sadly, the Haloumi was a little tough but there was certainly a lot of it layered between the fritters as it was.

The Little Banksia - Coffee - Brunch - Desserts

So, I sat in the sun room at the front of the café which was light and airy. But for some reason I couldn’t get comfortable, although I did wonder if it was the accoustics. But shifting tables didn’t help. Eventually I put it down to being the most awkward person known to humanity, the kind who falls over their own feet a lot.

Oh, and will have to go back to try their Fried Chicken Burger.

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