26 Amazing Perth Meals 2016 – Celebrating Perth Food


26 Amazing Perth Meals 2016

We felt privileged to have eaten some pretty memorable meals in 2016 and thought you might like to hear about them again. So sit back and browse 26 Amazing Perth Meals 2016 starting with January.

26 Amazing Perth Meals 2016

Huevos Rancheros – el PUBLICO

26 Amazing Perth Meals 2016 Gallery

1. Dainty Dowager, Mount Lawley

Small plates of delicious food was our introduction to “Daintys”. The Duck Bao, Popcorn Chicken and Sweet Potato Noodle Spring Rolls were all delicious. review

2. Canton Seafood Restaurant, Morley

Excellent Dim Sum close to home is always a good thing. Juicy Prawn Crystal Dumplings and Crispy Squid. Authentic Hong Kong BBQ as well is like the icing on the cake. review

3. Hermosa Cantina,Wembley

Xena’s Brunch plate was picture perfect. Smashed Avocado, Poached Egg, Hollandaise and Lime on chewy sourdough. It tasted as good as it looked. review

4. Clarences, Mount Lawley

Sadly, the Ramen Fried Chicken Burger is no longer on the Menu but it was a very memorable 2016 Meal. RIP. review

5. Old Faithful BBQ & Bar, Perth CBD

A BBQ Chicken Sandwich piled high with melt in the mouth Chicken cooked low and slow. Good Memories. review

6. Pixel Coffee Brewers, Leederville

Back in June Pixel’s Chicken Nourish Bowl was the highlight of my week. We fell in love with their Coffee as well. review

7. Angel Falls Bar & Grill, Perth CBD

The “Pabellon” lunch special hit us right between the eyes. Shredded Chicken with Plantain, Beans, Cheese and Rice. review

8. Blacksmith Perth, Highgate

Fabulous Coffee and Chicken Karaage Sliders. Nothing else is needed, move along. review

9. Mack Daddy’s New York Slice, Mount Lawley

We were blown away by the deliciousness of Mack’s Pizzas. We conquered the 16 inch and now we’re in training to tackle the 22 inch. Keep us in your thoughts. review

10. Pinchos Tapas Bar, Leederville

In August Pinchos expanded into the building next door. So, as well as fabulous Tapas they now front onto Oxford Street. Love their Montaditos (open sandwiches). review

11. Nunam Thai, Northbridge

Our Thai fusion brunch at Nunam was so different, fresh and new, we were gob smacked. Son in Law Eggs, Charred watermelon, Scallops, Crispy Coconut Rice Cake, Hoisin. Sadly, the brunch isn’t on offer any more. RIP. review

12. Three Sisters Vietnamese Tuckshop, Leederville

Three Sisters run this cafe and they’re doing it well. Their Turmeric Banh Mi is top quality and tastes amazing. Also on the menu is Pho, Noodle Salad and Rice Paper Rolls.  review

13. Long Chim Tuck Shop, Perth CBD

This Award Winning Restaurant opened a Tuck Shop for lunch specials in their Courtyard. We tried the house made Fish Ball Green Curry and it was amazing. review

26 Amazing Perth Meals 2016 Gallery Part 1

14. Tikka Tango Indianish Street Food

Indian Nachos are a thing, no seriously. Think Butter Chicken Curry and Cheese Sauce sopped up with Shoe String Fries. Yum. review

15. Filos & Yiros, Northbridge

Brika Greek Restaurant’s Hole In The Wall serves Filos and Yiros for lunch. Their secret ingredient is Fritos (or Shoe String Fries). Double Yum. review

16. Groper & His Wife, City Beach

Great to see The Groper & His Wife back in 2016. Their Groper Fisherman’s Basket was brimming with fresh grilled seafood and luscious chips. review

17. Tiisch, Perth CBD

This elegant Cafe has fabulous food, coffee and staff. Tiisch’s Breakfast Brioche made me sit up and take notice. I replaced the Speck with Mushrooms and couldn’t get over the flavours. Every detail was spot on. review

18. Ramen Lab, Mount Lawley

One of a handful of places in Perth that make their own Noodles. Ramen Lab’s Ramen is worth a visit and the Chicken broth is dreamy. review

19. Locale, North Perth

Metrio & Co vacated this venue and Locale moved in. An Italian Cucina offering Brunch, Pasta and a Liquor License. Their Spaghetti Pesto was brilliant. review

20. Toast, East Perth

Sitting by the River, sipping a strong Coffee and eating Poached Eggs on Zucchini and Cauliflower Fritters. Bliss at Toast. review

21. Ria Malay Kitchen, Leederville

Ria make a fabulous Nasi Lemak with a serve of their authentic Chicken Curry. It’s all delicious. review

22. Flora & Fauna, Northbridge

I was presented with the prettiest plate of food ever at Flora and Fauna. Banana Bread and Fresh Fruit topped off with Organic Peanut Butter. So good. review

23. Rice Baby, Subiaco

SubiDoo moved out and Rice Baby moved in. The sister cafe to Miss Chow’s in Claremont is serving up those signature Dumplings with finesse. review

24. Dr Clause, Perth

Designer food and coffee from Dr Clause. Thought and energy created their Brioche French Toast with Bacon, Ricotta, Chilli Maple and Sesame Praline. Awesome. review

25. Aliment, West Leederville

Possibly the best Fried Chicken in Perth. Think House Made Crumpets, Maple Bacon, Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Fried Egg and Smoked Paprika Maple Sauce. Inspiring. review

26. el PUBLICO, Highgate

Now open for Brunch on the weekends and serving my favourite dish Huevos Rancheros. House made Tortillas, Cheese and Salsa with free range eggs. A real treat. review

26 Amazing Perth Meals 2016 Gallery Part 2

26 Amazing Perth Meals 2016 Gallery

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