Rancho Sombrero – Tex Mex Street Food


Rancho Sombrero, Location Varies, Phone 0403 762 366.

Handmade Authentic Tex Mex Street Food … And, Rancho Sombrero Tex Mex is as fresh as they come. We’ve been turning up at Food Markets for years and have never once eaten food from this vendor. It was time that little oversight was corrected.

Rancho Sombrero - Tex Mex Street Food

So, a visit to Maylands Hawkers Market saw us finally purchasing a plate of two Tacos. We decided on a Chicken and a Mushroom Taco and they looked amazing. Both had great fresh ingredients like Guacamole, Cabbage Slaw, Corn, Tomato and you get the picture I’m sure. Oh, and a couple of different tasty condiments as well.

Rancho Sombrero - Tex Mex Street Food

Maylands Hawkers Market (my photo, taken a while ago)

At $10.00 for the two this was good value for money. And, we were very enthusiastic about the flavours going on inside those Tacos. I particularly liked the chicken one as it had shredded chicken, pretty sure, and was very tender.

Rancho Sombrero - Tex Mex Street Food

Needless to say, now that the floodgates have opened we’ll be hunting down Rancho Sombrero for more of those Tacos. Fabulous comfort food and so healthy as well. Bonus.

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