Gramercy Bar And Kitchen – Central Park


Gramercy Bar And Kitchen, 10 / 777 Central Park, Hay Street, Perth, Phone 9481 1020.

Squash every week into a Day … If I had the ability, that is exactly what I would do. Gramercy has been on my list for two years. Yes, two years. Thankfully, I was able to cross this item off my list today.

Gramercy Bar And Kitchen

Was very pleased to be inside the building for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the view, as the café is open on one side with views over Central Park. I kid you not, Perth has its own tiny Central Park on Hay Street full of greenery and benches. And, the white collar horde arrive in droves to sit in the sunshine and eat lunch.

Gramercy Bar And Kitchen

Secondly, Thursday’s lunch special inside Gramercy is Fish and Chips, a lucky break for this fan of Ye Olde English delicacy. Let me tell you that at $15.00 the lunch special is very good value.

Gramercy Bar And Kitchen

Also ordered a glass of San Martino Prosecco because it is quickly becoming a favourite. A little drier than most but there are some lush stone fruit flavours. Yum.

Gramercy Bar And Kitchen

So, my food arrives and it looks fab with the fish and chips dotted with salt crystals and what looks like fried capers. I looked it up and it’s a technique which apparently moves the flavour up a notch. Not had them before and they were impressive. Loved the super crunchy, chilli dusted chips. And, the small bowl of pickled vegetables was a nice touch.

Gramercy Bar And Kitchen


According to Wikipedia:
 means “many thanks”. It is derived from the French term “grand merci”, meaning “big thanks”.

Gramercy Bar And Kitchen

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  1. I enjoyed my lunch a lot and the thick white fish was well cooked and tender. Will have to remember that Fish and Chips are Thursday’s lunch special.

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