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Park And Vine, 31 Gayton Road, City Beach.

Blue Cheese Baby … Park And Vine sits happily on the edge of a Park at Empire Village in City Beach. I’d read that The Standard’s Sous Chef Daniel Campbell had taken over the Kitchen, so I was very interested in this foodie destination.

Park And Vine

Really liked the feel of the place as I walked in. It reminded me of an old Plantation House with the open verandah and windows.

Park And Vine

Park And Vine is a Wine Bar which offers Modern Australian Food. The well thought out Wine List made for interesting reading. Ordered a glass of Alto Profilo Prosecco from Teviso Italy and the fizz was just lovely.

Park And Vine

There was one thing on the menu which stood out for me and that was the Gnocchi. Hand made in house and pan fried, the pasta itself was soft and delightful.

Park And Vine

Poached Pears and Blue Cheese made up the Sauce which was a little bit the same colour as the gnocchi. On tasting the separate ingredients I was very happy with the flavour combination.

Park And Vine

Expecting the sauce to be rich I was surprised by how delicate it was. Being a big fan of Blue Cheese it was a nice revelation to find pieces of the rind scattered through the sauce which gave a big flavour hit as I discovered them. And, combining the rind with the pear pieces and sauce was pure bliss.

Park And Vine

So, I will definitely return to eat this meal again and to resample the Will & Co Coffee which is one of my favourites.

Apologies to Sir Elton for mangling his Tiny Dancer lyric.

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